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How Can I Help?

Awareness Creation

Share this link and information with your family, friends, professional network, on Linked-In, COVID related blogs, social media and other platforms

Participate in group meetings to discuss the best support options

Pray for COVID patients and hospital support

Corporate Support

Talk to Companies and Corporate contacts about the possibility of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) support.

Multinational companies with operations in India which can support through CSR programs

Contact medical equipment manufacturers if they wish to donate equipment for the hospital


Financial Support

Contact Foundations or Non-profits or Government bodies that have organized COVID support for India

Contributions can be made using the links below

Explore matching programs offered by your company or employer

The gift of health is gift of life itself

If you wish to make a contribution

Please click here to participate via Credit Card

You can mail checks to:

     SAI Global Mission, 3561 Homestead Rd. #3146                                           Santa Clara, CA,  95051

 Please mention Sarla Memorial Hospital on the check

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